Ta-Da Everybody

This is not the post I thought I’d be writing. Originally, I planned to call this blog Half-Baked, with a tag-line: “Adventures in Adulting.” And I planned on this post being a proper introduction to the blog I intended to write, and telling the story of how I ended up living on my own. But then I realized that this was all rather short-sighted (although I might eventually tell that story).

Did I plan on being new at living on my own forever? Certainly not.

I also wanted to have a blog to post my creative doings on, and Half-Baked really wasn’t the place to put it. Alexis’ World, however, has enough shades of meaning to encompass everything from my attempts to make sourdough, to my views on random topics, to what the characters from my latest creative attempts are up to.

The tagline “Watch Your Step,” too, means everything from “I haven’t picked up all the clothes on my floor yet,” to “Be careful because the fantasy worlds I’ve created are flipping creepy,” to “Take care of yourself, because many people in this world are complete and utter doorknobs.”

So yes, this is still a blog written primarily so that my friends and family can keep up with what’s going on with me even though I’m “all grown up and miles away,” to quote one of my new favorite musical artists.  But it’s also a blog that can grow with me, and does not require me to take the trouble of maintaining two different blogs.

There’s another thing, too. I am Alexis Czechelski (pronounced check-el-ski). Who is that?

Even those of you who know me may well be wondering that, because as far you know, you don’t know anyone by that name. Which is true, even though you know me, and Alexis Czechelski is my name.

Impossible? No. Not if you accept that I’m being slightly facetious.

For those of you who don’t know. Alexis is my middle name, and Czechelski was my family’s ancestral name before they changed it after moving from Prussia (because Prussia was a thing back then), to Germany. So technically (not really), it is my name.

For those of you who don’t know me at all, I’m writing under a pen name. And now you know how I picked it. Lucky you.

But then since you don’t know me, you may still be asking the question: who is Alexis Czechelski?

I am a fantasy (maybe sci-fi eventually) novelist. My taste in music has confused youtube to the point where it does not know whether the ads it shows me should be in English or French. I took a BA in English literature, then a Library Tech Diploma, and then moved from Metropolis to Smallville, where I work in the library of the Institution of Higher Learning.

I’m being vague because I like telling stories. And I don’t like getting in trouble because I like to tell stories. I don’t have any yet that I think are blog-worthy. But hey, I’ve only been here a month.

2 thoughts on “Ta-Da Everybody

  1. What a wonderfully excellent first blog! The tag line is perfect, your pen name is cool, and I love your reason for being vague. Oh, and I love the artwork you are using! You are off to a great start. Welcome to blogging!

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