I Think This, You Think This … We Don’t Agree.

Your debate partner

“Take away, O ass! those panniers of airy nothingness; and speak, if you can, three words that have an affinity to common sense; if it be possible for the tumid pumpkin of your skull to discover for a moment any thing like the reality of intellect” – Milton

You may have noticed that things in general in the Western World have gotten a little more political. A little more polarized.

It may well be that the only thing we all agree on is that we can’t agree on anything. Nevertheless, I have noticed that even though we think very differently about things, the way we think about these things is remarkably similar.

Let us explore some things that we all seem to believe, although our beliefs could not be more divergent.

1. The Other Side believes things that are demonstrably false.

I mean, haven’t they read the experts you’ve read? To any thinking person, the truth just has to be obvious. I mean, sure, the Other Side has experts too, but …

2. The Other Side is motivated by ideology, not facts.

Which is obvious from their weak arguments and poor logic. Obviously their “experts” are just spouting off things that they’re basically just making up that support what they believe. And yet …

3. The Other Side knows perfectly well that they are wrong.

The truth is just so obvious. They know what they’re arguing for is wrong, they just don’t want to admit it, because (they want to redistribute wealth to other countries, they hate God, they’re just racists, all they want is money.) But honestly …

4. Most people are just dumb.

I mean, how else can you explain so many people that believe things that are so obviously wrong? But at the same time …

5. We are the majority.

We may be the silent majority. Or we may be the majority leading the world towards a more tolerant future. But either way, we are the majority. Certainly we are the sane ones, unlike some people, because …

6. The Other Side are all extremists

Although we can’t deny that major changes are needed, possibly revolutionary changes. But of course it will be a revolution of sanity and kindness. Even though we don’t really care if the changes that are needed will make some people uncomfortable, because let’s face it …

7. The Other Side are mostly intolerant jerks.

This may be especially ironic, because they claim to be so tolerant. Or it may just be an obvious fact because the Other Side are -ists or -phobes or some sort or other. I mean, not everyone on our side is perfectly either, but …

8. The Other Side makes us out to be jerks when we’re not.

And this is just so that they can avoid thinking what we think. It’s not our fault, or even the result of our own behavior, for the most part. Even though …

9. We wish some people on Our Side would shush.

Because they’re kind of wackos, and make the rest of us look bad. Which does not in any way negate point numbers 7 or 8.





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