My World in Motion: Vancouver Part 1


By the time this post is published, on Sunday, I will be well into my first solo vacation.

But as I write this, my full backpack is sitting on the floor somewhere, and a reminder is sitting on my phone, ready to go “ding” when it’s time for me to call a taxi and go to the bus station.

As you may have guessed, I’m spending the Easter long weekend in Vancouver. Although this isn’t necessarily the most devout thing one could do during Easter, the natural world has always provoked worship and wonder in me. Resurrection and ocean are my two favorite words.

So it seems fitting that I should visit the ocean and forests in and around Vancouver at this time of year. It certainly isn’t any less fitting than hunting around for chocolate eggs.

On Saturday, as I mentioned, I’ll be taking the bus from Smallville, where I live, to Vancouver. Even by bus it won’t be a bad trip. It’s only an hour longer than the drive from Metropolis, where I’ve lived most of my life up until now, and Gotham, where I was born. the scenery should be quite nice, and after all, I’ve got my new phone to entertain me.

To me honest, this trip was the triggering reason I got the phone in the first place. I knew I wanted a smartphone eventually, but smartphones are particularly useful in unfamiliar cities. If you get lost, or hungry in a strange city it is much more comfortable to be able to ask Siri for directions than a random stranger. For me at least.

I am adventurous, but I am a particular kind of adventurous. My temperament is somewhere between Anne of Green Gables (but not the gritty one from the TV series) and Lady Mary Crawley, if either of those people were excessively introverted. So basically, I like to spend time in the state to which I am accustomed, while trying to make friends with butterflies or contemplating the meaning of a unicorn emoji*. Human interaction is not necessarily part of that equation.

It wouldn’t be unwelcome, but it isn’t necessary.

After I get to Vancouver, I’ll unpack (translation: drop my backpack on the floor of my airbnb apartment), and go out in search of supplies. After that, I plan on spending the evening watching TV or scribbling in my notebook while appreciating the ocean view on the balcony.

Sunday I plan on hitting the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park, and/or the seawall. I will have my sketchbook/notebook with me, and the camera on my phone. If the urge hits me I may scribble or doodle some things while I’m out and about, or if not (history says not) I’ll just take it all in.

I love fish (and other assorted water-dwelling things), and trees, and the ocean. It’s going to be fantastic. Next week I’ll show you pictures.

Monday I’m going to the Capilano suspension bridges. I encourage you to google it. It looks epic. Have I mentioned I love trees? This place looks like the closest earthly thing to the forests of Lothlorien. To get there, I’ll take a water taxi to North Vancouver, a small adventure in and of itself, and then a bus to Capilano Park.

Then on Monday, a scenic but nevertheless somewhat depressing bus ride back to Smallville.

It is very convenient having a four-day weekend in the same month that my income tax rebate cheque shows up. I may have to make a yearly thing of this.

*Really, what does it mean? When someone sends you a unicorn emoji, you know what they’re trying to get across. But you can’t explain it.

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